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PT. TRUST TECH ENGINEERING SERVICE INDONESIA was established in September 2016 as an Indonesian subsidiary of Trust Tech Inc. (listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange) that conducts engineer staffing business in Japan. Trust Tech Inc. dominates the engineering personnel service business especially in the automobile, electronics and electrical machinery industry. And we are developing engineering personnel service business in Indonesia as well.

Type of work offering jobs

Manufacturers/Device Manufacturers (including trading companies)/Machine Manufacturers (including trading companies)/Various Service Companies etc.

Position offered

  • ・Executives
  • ・Production Engineering/Production Control/Quality Assurance・Quality Control/Maintenance
  • ・Engineer (each process engineering/mold engineering ・processing/each treatment engineering etc.)
  • ・Sales/Procurement, Purchasing/General Administrative Work etc.

Recruitment Services Guide

  • Recruitment Services Guide
  • Initial registration
  • Interview
  • Prospective positions
  • Interview with prospective company
  • Confirmation of employment terms
  • Follow up


Those looking for job
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